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New GP – Dr Ernesto Rodriguez de la Cruz

Waikari’s New GP:  Dr Ernesto de la Cruz   

Dr Ernesto de la Cruz grew up on the Caribbean island of Cuba, though for most of his adult life he has been living away from his birth country.

Since he was a teenager, Ernesto believed that being a Medical Doctor is one of the best ways to channel his passion to help others. In 1993 he graduated as a Doctor in Medicine from the Havana Medical University, he also met and married his wife Lisset who was doing her internship at the same University.

After a few years working as General Practitioners in several clinics in their hometown, they both decided to experience a completely different approach to Family Medicine, and 1997 saw them make the move to live and work in South Africa.

Despite working as a Doctor at a Primary Health Clinic, Ernesto had to also deal with all aspects of human health, including emergency hospital care, major surgical procedures and Anaesthesiology. While still in South Africa, 2001 saw the birth of their first son Ernesto Jr, in a rural hospital in the small country town where they both were working.

In 2002, saw their adventurous spirit rekindled and they moved to Spain, where they have been living for the past 15 years, and in 2006, Gabriel, their second son was born.

While watching a travel program on TV about New Zealand, with the beautiful vibrant landscape and kiwis outdoor way of living made them all fall in love with the country, and once again ideas were played with, a plan was hatched to investigate how they all could make the move to New Zealand.

With Ernesto working at the same practice for a number of years, with a heavy workload, the decision to actively seek a change saw the entire family plan their new venture, their move to New Zealand.

After a long and arduous process, Ernesto became registered in New Zealand, as a General Practitioner, and with the successful appointment as the GP for Waikari Health Centre, their new adventure begins.

Ernesto and his family enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore he loves music and sports,  especially football, which his two boys have been practising and playing since they were small.

Ernesto is looking forward to meeting existing patients of Waikari Health Centre and welcomes any new patients.