GPs on Duty

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm. Thursday open till 7pm

Clinicians on duty during the upcoming weeks are:

Thursday1AprilDr Sarah Ballam
Friday2AprilGood Friday – closed
Monday5AprilEaster Monday – closed
Tuesday6AprilDr Kerr Wright
Wednesday7AprilDr Kerr Wright
Thursday8AprilDr Kerr Wright
Friday9AprilDr Kerr Wright
Monday12AprilKr Kerr Wright
Tuesday13AprilDr Kerr Wright
Wednesday14AprilDr Julia Racle
Thursday15AprilDr Kerr Wright
Friday16AprilDr Kerr Wright
Monday19AprilDr Julia Racle
Tuesday20AprilDr Kerr Wright
Wednesday21AprilDr Kerr Wright
Thursday22AprilDr Kerr Wright
Friday23AprilDr Kerr Wright
Monday26AprilAnzac Day Observed – Closed
Tuesday27AprilDr Kerr Wright
Wednesday28AprilDr Kerr Wright
Thursday29AprilDr Kerr Wright
Friday30AprilDr Kerr Wright

Karen Setz, Physiotherapist, is here on Wednesdays and Fridays during February.  Please phone 3144 506, to make an appointment.